Ever gone looking for a property? Or tried to sell one? How easy was it? Now imagine a world where real estate transactions are simple and smooth. Organised, systematic & stress-free for everyone involved - property owner, property seeker, realtor or a developer. We are attempting to do just that and as realtalysts - real estate catalysts we want to be the change (catalyst) we wish to see in the world. Of course, in a liability-free way, hence we have setup Realtalyst Online Services LLP

The most effective way to bring about this change, we believe, is by empowering realtors (real estate agents) and turning them in to pros. Everything we do (Property Assist, C.S. Assist, Document Assist or workshops) is designed to help realtors do their job efficiently. We offer them the tools to succeed & scale up. We are all for realtors. We are Pro Realtors.


Raj started his career selling space for an online company before joining his family business of real estate consultancy. Real Estate consultancy was saturating and he dabbled in various ventures that were great ideas* but lacked revenues. He seems to have finally landed a workable idea with a revenue stream in Pro Realtors. He’s left his family business to focus completely on it. An avid movie watcher, he enjoys reading books & an occasional dance. *apparently, their time had not come.