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FAQ: Pro-Realtors

We want to make the process of real estate transactions simple, systematic & smooth.


1) What is Pro Realtors?
a. Pro Realtors is dedicated to solving the collective problems of realtors. These solutions are tools that will help them succeed & scale up.

2) What kind of tools?
a. Property Assist helps solve the problem of managing proposals, so they can focus on managing clients. ‘Find a Realtor’ helps them search for reliable realtors in other localities. We also conduct workshops for realtors on topics like legal issues, social media, Be a Pro Realtor & others.

3) Do you charge for your services?
a. We want to send our children to school, so yes ;) ‘Property Assist’ is a premium service, others are available after a free registration. See Pricing for more details.

4) Is registration compulsory?
a. Yes.

5) What will you do with my data? Do you have a privacy policy?
a. Please go through our terms & conditions here. Privacy policy is available here.


1. What is Property Assist?
a. Property Assist is a central database of proposals (currently, only) in South Mumbai listed by realtors, owners & developers directly.

2. What are the benefits of using Property Assist?
a. Property Assist will help you reduce your time managing proposals so you can spend that time managing clients.

3. Why should I post my properties with Property Assist?
a. So that you get more inspections on your property.

4. How will I get more inspections done?
a. Realtors who have a requirement are looking for proposals on Property Assist, once your property matches; you are likely to get a call from them for inspections.

5. What if the same property has been offered by multiple realtors?
a. The realtor searching for proposals will decide which realtor he wants to go with

6. Do I need to reveal the name of the building? What are the compulsory fields?
a. The location, square feet, BHK (for residential) and price are compulsory fields. Revealing the name of the building is not compulsory. However, in that case, you might get fewer calls for inspection since all realtors might not have the time to call you and ask you for the name.

7. What other details should I give?
a. Parking details, description of the property, for eg. amenities in the building. Owners looking for vegetarians only & any other detail that will help paint the right picture of the property to the fellow realtor. If you have pictures, that’s even better.

8. Are there any charges for posting properties?
a. No, but you will need to be registered if you want to use the website to post.

9. What are the other methods of posting?
a. You can email us on list@prorealtors.in or Whats App us on 9820855269 with your property details.

10. Why is posting free?
a. We want to ensure we get maximum proposals from realtors & owners hence posting is free & easy (you can email or Whats App us too)

11. Is searching for proposals also free?
a. No, to search one has to sign up for a Silver, Gold or Platinum membership. See the pricing page for more details

12. Why should I search for proposals on Property Assist?
a. Property Assist gives you matching properties in an excel sheet along with contacts of the concerned realtor within an hour*.

13. But I maintain a record of all proposals.
a. 50% of the proposals you record, you may never use, hence that time spent on gathering that data is wasted. Also, you might get a comprehensive list of proposals when you need them, but they might not be active.

14. How will I get active proposals on Property Assist?
a. On the website you can search for proposals listed in the last week/fortnight/month. These proposals have a higher chance of being active.

15. But I have a data entry person in my office, why should I use Property Assist?
a. Your data entry person is an important resource, use their time to service current clients better or service more clients.

16. But I am not very internet savvy, how do I search?
a. You can email/Whats App us your requirement. Platinum members can also call us with their requirements and answers will be sent by email (only).

17. Do you have a presentation that I can see?
a. Please see the Property Assist presentation here

Find a Realtor – The reliable realtor's directory

1. What is Find a Realtor?
a. It helps realtors discover fellow realtors in other locations.

2. What is the reason behind starting this service?
Reliable realtors should be found easily and should be able to generate more business amongst them.

3. How do you list reliable realtors?
a. We actually list all realtors but realtors are allowed to rate each other. Hence over a period of time the reliable ones will be rated higher.

4. Realtors would be weary of rating others and spoiling relations.
a. That’s why we have the rating as anonymous. Realtors can rate others without hesitation.

5. What if realtors give their competition low ratings?
a. That’s fine. The average rating is taken into consideration. A good realtor is likely to still get a higher rating.

6. What is the reason behind starting this service?
a. Reliable realtors should be found easily and generate more business amongst them.

7. How do you benefit in this?
a. It’s another tool that will help realtors succeed.