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Realtalyst Online Services LLP
211, Unique Industrial Estate, Bombay Dyeing Compound,
Off Veer Savarkar Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400025
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About Pro-Realtors

We want to make the process of real estate transactions simple, systematic & smooth.

About Pro-Realtors

Ever gone looking for a property? Or tried to sell one? How easy was it? Now imagine a world where real estate transactions are simple and smooth. Organised, systematic & stress-free for everyone involved - property owner, property seeker, realtor or a developer. We are attempting to do just that and as realtalysts - real estate catalysts we want to be the change (catalyst) we wish to see in the world. Of course, in a liability-free way, hence we have setup Realtalyst Online Services LLP

The most effective way to bring about this change, we believe, is by empowering realtors (real estate agents) and turning them in to pros. Everything we do (Property Assist, C.S. Assist, Document Assist or workshops) is designed to help realtors do their job efficiently. We offer them the tools to succeed & scale up. We are all for realtors. We are Pro Realtors.

About: Raj Shah

Raj started his career selling space for an online company before joining his family business of real estate consultancy. Real Estate consultancy was saturating and he dabbled in various ventures that were great ideas* but lacked revenues. He seems to have finally landed a workable idea with a revenue stream in Pro Realtors. He’s left his family business to focus completely on it. An avid movie watcher, he enjoys reading books & an occasional dance.

*apparently, their time had not come.


This code of ethics/conduct or standards of business practice ensures the rights of all members are protected. As a prerequisite for membership to this forum all members agree to abide by this code. An acceptance is an acknowledgement that the member has read these terms and is in concurrence with it. Disputes if any will be settled in accordance with this code. SM Realty Club reserves the power to suspend/debar members who have been found guilty (by the panelists) of fraudulent practices.


Realtors shall not offer a property for sale/ lease without authority or consent from the owners. To make business efficient, a Realtor is expected to give as much detailed and accurate information upfront about a property as possible without jeopardizing himself/ herself. Details like carpet area, built up area, servant’s quarters, parking status, etc. that will enable other Realtor to quickly decide whether the property is worth proposing to their clients. Details on transfer fees, parking or any other fees/ charges are to be shared or included in the price would be an added advantage and should be made transparent in communications. This is possible only when realtors capture critical information upfront before marketing properties. Forms in the DOWNLOADS section will facilitate capturing these critical details.

A realtor shall not poach another realtor's clientele or property. Realtors shall not quote a price different from that agreed upon with the seller / landlord to gain an unfair competitive edge.

Realtors must represent whom they are representing as an agent in the transaction. They must also disclose if a 3rd party broker / realtor is involved. All financial agreements, fee sharing ratios, referral fees, compensation for more than 1 party, rebates or any kind of payouts must be mentioned at the onset before an inspection for a particular property is given. Full disclosure is expected. If a realtor doesn’t disclose this at the onset, it is deemed it would be a side by side fee sharing structure.

If multiple brokers (for example 3 brokers) are working on the same property and are simultaneously marketing it and have offered it to the general community in that scenario the general brokers community can accept the property from any of the 3 brokers marketing it. If any broker has accepted the listing from any of the 3 brokers then he/ she is obligated to go through the person who has offered it. (We recommend all Realtor who are offering any one their property should follow up with some kind of written correspondence like an email or a sms).


All realtors must always introduce their clients (Companies name to be mentioned in lease transactions) to the realtor showing the property. He/ she must give the clients full name as the Owner’s broker can at least tell their landlord who came to inspect the property. (We recommend all realtors must sms / email their landlords the complete name of the client who has visited. This also protects the Owner’s broker and would also protect the purchaser broker in future if a dispute arose that the client has come directly to the landlord or through another broker.) If all brokers followed this practice and it became a norm the showing broker has a history / record of which clients he has shown the property to till date. This is his accountability to his landlord. Brokers must submit offers and counter offers objectively and as quickly as possible and not try to manipulate the transaction or the parties involved. Once an offer for a property has been accepted by a seller / lessor the broker shall not continue to market the property. A realtor must advise his lessor / seller to comply with the lease/sale of the property.


Confidentiality agreement: The obligation of a realtor is to preserve confidential information provided by their clients. A realtor shall not intentionally disclose confidential information about their clients during or following the termination of their professional relationship with their clients. Reveal confidential information of clients OR
Use confidential information of clients to the disadvantage of clients OR
Use confidential information of clients to the advantage of other realtors, or the advantage of third parties UNLESS Clients consent after full disclosure OR
It is the intention of the client to commit an illegal action and it is necessary to prevent that action OR
It is necessary to defend a realtor, realtor’s employees, associates against an accusation of wrongful conduct.
Realtors shall not discriminate against any person or persons on the basis of race, religion, familial status, sex, handicap or national origin.


Realtors should be honest and truthful in their correspondence, advertising, marketing and other representations. Realtors shall take reasonable efforts to ensure that information they are advertising is up-to-date and accurate. When it becomes apparent that the information is no longer accurate the realtor shall promptly take corrective action. Realtors shall refrain from using harsh language in their communications whether written or oral.

Member Lists

Mumbai Realty Club is founded and run by Mr.Raj Shah. Here’s the list of chapter-wise members.

  • SMC – South Mumbai Chapter. Chapter Directors:
  • Vikram Somani – Property Hunters
  • Shalini Kumar – SqFt Realtors
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Our Team

Mumbai Realty Club comprises of realtors who have formed a trusted circle of local chapters. Here’s the team that makes Mumbai Realty Club tick!

Raj Shah – Founder Mumbai Realty Club | Partner, Square Feet Realty Consultants. Raj has worked with an advertising agency and Shaadi.com before joining his family business of real estate consultancy. He loves to solve problems, which lead him to start (and shut down) Home In 7 Days and Workshop Buffet. While they didn’t quite stick, at Mumbai Realty Club, services like Property Assist, Project Log and his workshops are being enthusiastically lapped by realtors. With these services he wants to be instrumental in realtors succeeding & scaling up. He loves writing, movies & Mumbai.

Ashok Shah – Strategic advisor. Senior Partner, Square Feet Realty Consultants. Ashok Shah has been in the real estate business for over 25 years. His experience and insight has ensured that Mumbai Realty Club gets a balanced & realistic perspective on all its ideas and services.

Vikram Somani – Director, SMC – South Mumbai Chapter | Partner, Property Hunters. Vikram has over 12 years of experience in owner representation, Licensee representations (including for retail across India), acquiring land, redevelopment of commercial complex (including liaising with the authorities for permissions) and wants to share his knowledge with all his colleagues. He wants his chapter members to reach a new benchmark in being organised, professional and ethical. A pragmatically engineered mind, he is passionate about movies, music & travelling.

Shalini Kumar – Director, SMC – South Mumbai Chapter | Partner, Sq.Ft. Realtors. An accidental realtor, Shalini’s success is a result of thoroughly understanding a client’s requirement and then cherry picking properties for them. She advises clients on property investments, sales and rentals across residential, commercial and retail. She chiefly takes care of developer events for Mumbai Realty Club and wants her chapter to be a force to reckon with as a knowledgeable and organised group. She loves to read, whether it is fiction, non-fiction or people.

Viraj Shah – Director, DCC – Dadar Chembur Chapter. Partner, Vision Realtors. Viraj is a second generation realtor with a finance degree from London School of Economics. He has sound knowledge of legal aspects of transaction and likes to keep a tab on market trends. He wants to increase his chapter count to 200 and wants them all to be organised. When he is not negotiating property prices, he is negotiating shuttles.